2011 Submissions

Chiptune Metal Loop Thing Heavy Metal Loop
Bible Black Theme (remake) Goth Song
Some Metal Thing Heavy Metal Song
Generic SrvHrr RPG BattleTheme Industrial Loop
ThatJerk! (P'MonG/SRivalTheme) General Rock Loop
Sora's Theme (KH2) General Rock Song
PokemonR/B WildPoke. Battle General Rock Song
Mawio Gwoove Industrial Loop
KH2: Soras Theme (heavier) Video Game Loop
Listen and you'll be like wut? Dance Loop
PokemonR&B Battle rock-remake General Rock Song
BowserMetalol Heavy Metal Song
6/8 Trance Song
Cheesy Poofs Remix (draft) Techno Loop
The Cake Is a Lie Trance Loop
Sonic3 (Save/Load Menu) Techno Song
Elo Gov'na Trance Loop
The Darkest of Times Trance Song
Meh! Level2 R&B Song
Hill Billies Stole My Lunch Industrial Song
Formaly Named Homeless Person! Ambient Song
First Acid Trip Miscellaneous Song
Sonic1:Green Hill Zone (fixed) Video Game Song
Wolfenstein 3D Menu Music Trance Loop
n!n3 Video Game Loop
Yahoo.com@yahoo.com Miscellaneous Song
vg sample theme (re-deux) General Rock Song
Death Egg refurbished (sonic2) Video Game Song
Strong Bad zone (doom mix) Miscellaneous Song
BwowitAchYa A** Techno Loop
Green Hill Zone Video Game Song
Bip Miscellaneous Loop
Super Industrial Loop Thing Techno Loop
Sonic 2: Oil Factory Video Game Loop